Popular Course for Permanent Residency

Australia is not just popular for tourists but it also one of the most preferred destination for international students because Australia has much more to offer. Many international students are choosing to study in Australia because of its friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system, and high standard of living. Australian education is also recognised globally for its excellent standard, allowing graduates to pursue a rewarding career anywhere else in the world.

Most international students would want to settle in Australia permanently because of the lifestyle, safety and diversity in the community. There are several ways to become PR and one of those is through student pathway and with this, you must choose the right course to study.

Trade courses in Australia are quite popular as most of the time, these occupations are in the skilled occupation list like Carpentry, Chef Jobs, Healthcare jobs, Automotive Mechanic, Electrician, Painter and many other fields.


Hospitality sector is still in demand for Australia as the government is focusing on Tourism. The tourism sector continues to grow not only in Australia, but also in different parts of the world. Hospitality is a highly interesting and at the same time challenging industry to work in. It offers a wide range of career opportunities and variety of places to work including restaurants, bars, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and event management. To work in the hospitality industry, customer service is very important and you must have a passion for creating an enjoyable environment for customers, a passion for working with others, a passion for food.

Many opportunities are available in the hospitality industry, so if you are interested in cooking, hotel management, and tourism, you may look at doing at least two years of study in commercial cookery and hospitality management.

This course involves a compulsory work placement which give students real-life work experience. The most popular pathway is to start certificate 3 or 4 in Commercial cookery and packaged to Diploma of Hospitality Management because upon completion of the course, you are eligible to apply for a temporary graduate visa 485.


Automotive in Australia is one of the growing industries, leading to the rising demand in motor mechanics, automotive repair and servicing. Australia uses the most advanced technologies and facilities to design a vehicle. With the increase in vehicle ownership, and environmentally friendly options such as alternative fuels, hybrid and electric cars, it’s a great time to start a career in automotive and related technology.

Automotive course is all about automobiles, starting from the basics to the full servicing and repairing of the vehicles. The course will open the door of numerous opportunities in the field of motor mechanics, automotive repair, & automotive maintenance.

To start your career in automotive, you may look at studying a certificate 3 or 4 in Automotive. It is usually two years of full-time packaged study, including Certificate III, Certificate IV, and a management diploma.

The course will focus on how to inspect and investigate mechanical systems using most advanced technology. You will not only gain theoretical expertise in all aspects of vehicles and machines, but also learn practical technical experience that will make you job-ready You can get a job in a large number of industries including automotive sales and repair businesses, car dealerships, manufacturing units, and heavy machinery units.


Carpentry is part of the Construction, Plumbing and Services industry which has two main sectors: Residential building, and non-residential building.

Carpenters may be part of building new houses, apartments, offices, schools, or renovating old buildings. It may be a physically demanding job but many say working in the industry has a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction after seeing your finish product.

To start your journey and become a qualified carpenter, you may need to study Certificate III in Carpentry which is a trade level qualification and provides students with necessary skills and knowledge to work on a building site in the area of construction carpentry.

Students will learn how to produce quality work in the building and construction, renovation and maintenance sectors of the industry. Major areas of study include interpretation of plans, measurements and calculations, use of power tools and equipment, installing flooring and constructing timber external stairs etc.


Nursing is one of the most desired courses in the health industry in Australia and being a nurse is no doubt highly employable in any part of the world.

Nursing can be a flexible role, and you may be able to work in different areas. Different countries in the world openly hire and in need of skilled nurses. Also, Nursing is constantly evolving and you have the opportunity to keep learning, growing, and training. For example, you could work in paediatrics, intensive care, aged care, neonatal, home care, informatics, leadership, clinical practice, ambulatory care, case management, administration, and much more. You could also become a nursing instructor and train other nurses on the latest best-practice trends.

Nursing schools in Australia have an excellent reputation internationally for providing high quality nurse education programs designed to service every sector of the health care industry. Students who study nursing in Australia can receive the highest quality training which will equip them to work within a wide variety of health care settings.

Nursing may not be the easiest of careers to undertake, but it can be a highly rewarding and fulfilling career. Aside from completing your course, there are other things to keep in mind:

  • There is a registration requirement for nurses before starting to work as a Nurse.
  • English requirement for being a registered nurse is relatively high but reasonable for a worker in the health industry.
  • As a registered nurse, you must work for three months to acquire a positive skill assessment from AHPRA.

Community Services

Community services is about supporting the wellbeing of people, individuals and families to make a positive difference or improvement in their lives. According to WAYS Youth & Family, Community services are one of the largest sectors in Australia and the industry is considered Australia’s second-largest employing industry, with over 1.5 million people employed in the industry in 2020. After the pandemic, there is a growing demand for Community Service Workers in Australia and in fact, LinkedIn’s 2021 ‘Jobs on the Rise’ report listed a number of community services roles as being the most in-demand jobs in Australia right now. For example Youth Workers, Social Services Specialists, Childcare Workers and Case Managers.

As a community service worker, you may be employed in different areas including community centre, charity, aged care, disability support, mental health, counselling, child protection or family services.


Telecommunication engineering is on the rise, and many people also consider it as an excellent career field. Telecommunications engineers work to develop, design and maintain voice and data communications systems. It focuses on the installation of high-speed broadband computer networks, and optical and wireless or satellite communications.

Information Technology

Studying information technology will bring you to opportunities in a wide range of industries. The scope in the IT world is almost limitless and it is no doubt that this field is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world thus, making it a great career path. Many occupations are eligible to be nominated for a skilled ICT visa to Australia including Business and Systems Analysts, Programmers, Database and Systems Administrators, ICT Security Specialists, and ICT Network and Support