We understand your need. We believe in your dreams and we want to take them as our own. We are aware that Australia is one of the most popular destinations for education because of its array of study options from primary to higher education, vocational and English courses. There are 25 Australian universities that were part of the top universities from all over the world based from the 2017 ranking from www.topuniversities.com which makes it more attractive to future students who will choose to study at Australia, that is the 4th happiest country in the world. Moreover, Australian education is internationally recognized that provide global careers to graduates.

In line with this, we assist international learners from different parts of the world. We provide you with information about the different education system, alternative learning pathways, study abroad programs and migration issues.

In addition, Visa requirements change all the time and vary depending on your nationality. Once you have decided to study in Australia, you definitely need to be speaking to us to make sure that your university and visa application process is smooth and streamlined.

Here is the some of the services that we provide for education;

  • Free counselling for academic and career according to students need, interest and background towards skilled migration pathway.
  • Enrollment into Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Issuing Offer Letter and COE, Confirmation of Enrolment.
  • Assistance with student visa processing and tips for success
  • Variety of Accommodation options
  • Welcoming meeting when you arrive in Australia
  • Migration services leading you to achieve your goal in Australia.

why we are choice for thousands of students globally:

  1. We are registered in Australia. Our main office is in Town Hall ,the center of Sydney for students
  2. We have 3 professional member, 2 of us are migration agent , one of us is educational agent.
  3. We have offices in 6 countries worldwide. India , China , Turkey, Philippines, Holland, Poland.
  4. We are official and authorized representatives of leading universities
  5. We know your goals , we are here to help you to achieve them.
  6. All of our team at some point of time has been an International student in Australia. We know from experience.
  7. We are honest with you and our office is open to you anytime you need information and help. We are one call far from you or couple streets.