Studying at university is not always suitable for everyone. Vocational Education (VET) is another education route usually accessible to students who have finished high school to year 12. For some courses completion of year 10 is necessary. To pursue a VET course, it is required to have reached an adequate level of English education. If you are in Australia, you need to have gotten an upper intermediate level of English at a registered/renowned English course center.

VET develops skills and knowledge for employment with the support from a national training system which aims to deliver regular training nationwide. The principal objective of VET is to provide people with the knowledge, skills and attributes they require to be ‘work ready’ and to operate excellently in the work place.

Over the years, VET courses are known to concentrate on providing practical and work-orientated occupational skills, whereas university or higher education courses are better known for focusing on providing theory-based knowledge and professional career paths. There are many exceptions to this rule, however, because VET covers such a wide range of different courses and qualifications.

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